Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The basic structure of the BLS is comprised of:

  • Fundamental skills called “Basic Competencies” or “College of Arts and Sciences Education (CASE) requirements” that include English Composition, Intensive Writing, Math, etc.
  • Breadth of Inquiry, which is study in each of the three primary divisions of the liberal arts (Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Studies, and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences)
  • A concentration in one of the Breadth of Inquiry areas above
  • Miscellaneous other requirements

Your specific degree requirements are listed in the College Bulletin corresponding to your degree requirement term. For example, a student who is on Spring 2013 degree requirement term are held to the degree requirements listed in the 2012-2013 College Bulletin. (Students on degree requirements prior to Summer 2012 should consult with their BLS academic advisor as their requirements were published by the now-defunct School of Continuing Studies.)

You may monitor your progress using their Academic Advisement Report (AAR) on One.IU. The College Bulletin, however, is the official source for degree requirements and the requirements to which you will be held.

Degree Requirement Term

Your degree requirement term is determined by the College of Arts and Sciences Recorder’s Office. If you are unsure of your requirement term, you should contact the College Recorder’s Office or your BLS academic advisor.

Course Lists

To see which courses fulfill particular BLS requirements, please see the Course Lists page.